Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No. We Did Not Fall Off the Face of the Earth...

We've been busy, butt life is good here at Chez RottRover.  Here are some highlights (which is also something mom puts in her hair.  Humans are confusing...)

Otto has been doing a lot of hiking

He has a new girlfriend whom he likes to hike with

Her name is Riley, and her mom thinks she might be part Dingo!
She's VERY energetic and gives The Pain - I mean Otto - a 
run for his money!

Look!  She has eyes like Lightening!!

This is what Otto looks like after a hike with Riley:


Bart started physical therapy.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it.
You can tell by the expression on his face!

He gets to go 8 times for his arthritis in his hippers.  He's so
feeling the betterment!



I am the QUEEN of toys.  
They are ALL mine.  All of them.  
It doesn't matter that I have two big brothers 
who are each over 100 pounds.  

Don't mess with The Ruby!!

That's the brief update.
Thank you all for the many, many Gotcha Day Messages you've left me.  
I am truly blessed! I didn't know when I came to live here
that I would have SO many friends...