Sunday, October 4, 2015

sunday selfie and update...

by Otto

I'm so bored.  It's raining.  Despite my love of swimming, I REFUSE to go out in the rain and get my paws wet.  No way!!  Also, mom is working a lot and I haven't been able to see my girls as much as I'd like to.  Butt I'll survive.  

The other big bummer is that Ruby doesn't seem t be getting any better.  She and Dr. Ann have tried all sorts of different food/med combos and Ruby just keeps barfing.  If you don't remember, she has mega esophagus which means her esophagus is all stretched out and it doesn't push the food into her stomach like it should.  So it just sits there.  Most recently mom has just started feeding Ruby like she used to - same amount, same proportions of canned and kibble, and that seems to be helping.  She just barfs saliva.  But lots and lots of times a day.  I feel really bad for her.  

Dr. Ann has a new thought about a diagnosis
myasthenia gravis.
It's a neuromuscular disease which is an autoimmune disorder which sometimes effects the esophagus.  Ruby will start a new med, mestinon, tomorrow.  

Ruby has good days and not so good days.  Today is a good day.  Good energy and very little barfing.  Our house is pretty stinky, though, I gotta tell you!!  

This is Ruby in repose...She has a double-high bed with lots of blankets and towels and comfy stuff on it.  She is in really good spirits, her tail works really well, and most importantly, she loves to EAT!!  She gets SO excited and jumps up and down.  


We hope you are all well.  We visit you all, butt don't always comment.  We saw some really delicious-looking tacos this morning and were extremely impressed that Bertie found tacos in Aberdeen, Scotland!!

Please keep Ruby in your thoughts and hope that next time mom makes her schedule she doesn't over commit like she did this time.  Weirdo...

Have a good week!!

Rottie Kisses,