Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bitey Face Under the Mistletoe

By Otto


Well, on Christmas Eve I got to 
go for a hike with my best girl, Riley. 

You've met her before - she's  part
Dingo and part Sibe - and
that girl gives me a run for my money!  

Well, the first thing we saw on the hike was Mistletoe!!!  So I knew I had to bite her scruff - part of the holiday tradition, right??

La, la, we are heading down the trail...She's acting all disinterested.  I'm just being cool.

disclaimer:  that's her collar that's red, i'm not making her bleed...

It's ON!

Look at her beautiful smile!  It's all for me!

A perfect Christmas Eve hike under the 
Mistletoe with my girl.

Here's a gratuitous shot of my handsome self
modeling my new scarf from

Hey ladies...

No.  Just kidding; butt isn't my scarf beautiful?!?
We're gonna do a whole postie about it in a couple of days, cuz I gave one to a friend as a present, too, and then, of course, beclaws we live in Blogville, there was a mandatory photo shoot.  You'll see all!!

I hope you get to go on super funball hikes with furiends, or get to play bitey face, or do zoomies with someone special this holiday season!

See you soon.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm 9 Today!

Hi Everybody! Sorry we haven't posted much lately.  It's mom's "busy time."
Butt Ruby and Otto said I should let you all know that 


Here are some of Ruby's favorite pictures of me since
you've probably forgotten what I look like:

I'm still holding my own with my degenerative disk problem.  The prednisone is helping me be able to stand and walk.  
I am happy, cuddly and eating like a pig.  
Otto always
walks outside with me 
at night and stays with me until I'm ready to come back in.  He's pretty
cool like that.  

Nine is pretty good for a rottweiler, so please join us in 
celebrating my special day!!

me, ruby, otto