Friday, June 12, 2015

{this moment} See Beautiful

We are joining the See Beautiful blog hop this month.
This is an old, and favorite picture of Bart from 2009.
We're posting it today in honor of our friend Goose, who always saw beautiful.
We know Bart and Goose are saving drowning sticks together and
are running, and chasing and getting to know our many, many friends at
The Bridge.  

Have a beautiful day.  See the beauty all around you.

Rottie Kisses,

Ruby and Otto

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Selfie and an Update on US

by Otto

Happy Sunday everybloggie!  My Auntie Creekhiker took this picture of me while she was tossing me treats for a Chewy Review.  Aren't I the cutest???  I'm not licking my nose because of a facial focal seizure though. Dr. Sarah started me on a pill called zonisamide.  I have been completely seizure-free since starting the full dose.  How totally pawsome is that?  I'm in excellent health and have been walking regularly with either my girl Aria, the 10 month old rottie girl or my girl Macy Blue.  I'm a pretty happy guy.  I have also taken over Bart's spot on the bed!!!  Life is good for the Otto.


Below is a picture of my sissy Ruby schooling Macy Blue in the fine art of restaurant dining.  Ruby has developed a sort of weird condition called "mega esophagus."  Basically, her esophagus has lost it's muscle tone and is all stretched out so it doesn't really push the foodables down into her tummy like it should.  If the food sits too long she barfs it up.  She can and has aspirated some of that liquid and has gotten pneumonia a couple of times.  Mom and our new vet, Dr. Ann, have been working together to help Ruby be her most comfortable.  The last couple of days she has gotten to have a crushed carafate mixed with baby food which sort of coats and soothes her esophagus and tummy and THEN she gets to eat!!  On top of that, she's getting to eat three small meals instead of two.  That's like 6 meals a day!!!  OMD!  The medecines seem to be helping her not cough and hack and barf so much.  I'm so glad.  Sometimes mom sneaks me some of the baby foodables.  It's very yummy.  

Me and Ruby both miss Bart very much.  He was a wonderful, gentle and kind pack leader to both of us when we came to live here at Casa de RottRover.   Mom, especially misses him.  She says that he was the most "attuned" dog she's ever had.  They could sort of read each other's minds.  I'm working to learn that skill.  I'm a very good boy - especially when I'm off-leash.  I always come when called.  Mom sings out OTTOOTTOOTTO!!!  I'm right by her side zippety quick.  We're also going to the beach about once a month which is awesome.  

So that's the update.  We send special rottie kisses to all of you!

-Otto, with help from Ruby