Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Update

Hi Everybody!  It's me, Bart.  I just wanted to give

me after my second acupuncture last week

you all an update on my progress...

The neurologist thinks I have some sort of disk disease.  When I went to see her three weeks ago I could barely stand, and in fact I had to be helped back to the consultation room with a sling.  


She started me on prednisone and I've been continuing my acupuncture with Dr. Sarah
I'm doing SO WELL!!

I get up on my own with no help and I am my usual happy self, greeting people with my toy
and being playful and pouncy!!  I really feel great!

I still can't go on any walks, but I'm so much more myself.  My pawrents are really happy and so are Otto and Ruby.  We have been playing a little.  

Otto is super respectful of me and plays with me without being rough and always lets me be dominate - he never lets me think he could kick my butt!!

Thank you all for your many kind thoughts and for stopping by to visit me.  I KNOW the POTP
has a lot to do with my feeling better, 
so thanks.