Sunday, December 21, 2014

Me and My Girl

by Otto

So about once a month we get to go to the beach with Wizard and his mom.  The beach is a magical place where everyone is friendly and playful and you can run full-out and not get into trouble.  Sometimes my friend Macy Blue comes, too.  I think she is my favorite person to play with.  She is fast and agile and she isn't intimidated by me.  She gives as good as she gets.  

Here we are in perfect sync:

This is my absolute favorite thing:  Having a toy and being chased!  I LIVE for these moments!!

Check out our shadows!!

I saved the bestest for last.  Wizard AND Macy are chasing me.  I have to keep checking over my shoulder to make sure Macy is chasing me!!

I'm one happy guy.  I hope we get to go this month!!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordleth Wednesday with Me and My Tongue

photo by my Auntie CreekHiker

Hi everyone!  It's me, Otto!  I just wanted to let you all know that we are all FINE at chez rottrover.  

Bart's paw has healed perfectly and he is feeling fantastic.  He even plays with me.  Mom thinks he must have been in a lot of pain from the cancer in his toe, because he's been really chipper since the vet stole it.  The funniest thing is that his furs haven't grown back where he had a fentanyl patch for pain - even though his big super-surgery healed pawfectly.  Go figure.  We call him "Patch."

Ruby has some pretty painful arthritis in one of her hell-bows and her hips. She doesn't move around a lot, but loves eating and snacking.  She sometimes plays tug with me.  I like it when she growls with her mouth full!!

I, on the other paw, have no complaints.  I walk regularly with my girls - either Macy Blue of Creekhiker or my girls Riley and Roxy.  They have a new sister - Aria - who has a major crush on me!!  She is a rottie girl, now 5 months old and she follows me everywhere.  I can't figure out how rough to play with her, cuz she's still pretty small, but she's Priscilla to my Elvis.  

We are totally killing the pawrents in the Christmas card department!  What losers!  They got one from mom's work and one from Chewy who sort of has to send them one because we basically paid for their new warehouse!!  Anyway, thanks so much for thinking of us.  We are around almost every day but it's hard for me to type on the iPawd with my big paws.  

Rottie kisses,