Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Update on Me, Gizmo

First of all, I want to apologize for my mom being sorta overly dramatic.  I mean really?  The worst possible news?? Did we have another terrorist attack?  Was she or Dad or our human brother diagnosed with cancer? No, no and no.  Sheesh.  Drama Queen.

my brother Bart, crossing his paws...

So here's the deal:  when I got dropped off for my x-rays on Friday the V.E.T. said that I most likely had a pinched nerve -- I had been limping a lot and no meds were helping -- but that she wanted to rule out osteosarcoma because of my breed and age. So pinched nerve... No big deal, right?  Bart had one and got all fixed up.  So we waited all day to hear, and then when Mom came to pick me up we got TWPN. NOT a pinched nerve... Mom kinda walked around like a zombie for a couple of days.


I'm on a medication called gabapentin.  It helps me with my pain and it doesn't make me too sleepy. My dad said it was specifically for long term pain and is also used as an anti-depressant.  I have a pretty big limp but I'm still walking around. And my wagger works great.  (They said that when I was sedated at the V.E.T.'s that I even wagged in my sleep!) I do seem to be feeling better since I've been taking it. 

And I'm having visitors, like my Auntie Creekhiker, who brought me us treats! (and snuggles :))

I'm getting lots of treats.  And lots of snuggles and lots of love from everyone.  I'm snoozing a lot.  Yesterday I even got up on the big bed to help Mom "work."  We cuddled, and I snoozed... Oh, and she worked.  Some.

check out my turtleneck.  long story. another post

I especially want to thank my blogging pals for all of their kind words for us.  Today Mom was reading me some of them and her eyes got all leaky.  I just thought they were really nice.  It seems like lots of big doggies, especially rottweilers and great danes get what I have which really sucks.  Lots of families have sent their doggies to The Bridge because of this sickness, so I'm not scared because I know I will have many, many friends when I get there.  I'm just sad that Mom and Dad look so sad.  So I just keep giving them kisses.  And then I take another nap.

More later,


Monday, September 26, 2011

The Worst Possible News...

On Friday, Gizmo was diagnosed with osteoscaroma.  Bone cancer.  He has a tumor in his right foreleg.  He isn't a candidate for amputation because he has a knee issue on his right back leg.  Not that Im sure we'd go that route anyway.  Numbered days are numbered days, afterall.  

So my beautiful, handsome, personable, larger than life, crazy, silly boy is not going to be around much longer.  We're doing pain management.  He seems comfortable.  

We are asking for the Power of the Paw to be sent to Gizmo to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.  Gizmo has always made his needs known, so I feel confident that he'll let us know when it's time.  

He's not acting sick.  I don't think he feels "sick."  He's in pain.  So he's laying around, just being adorable. 

I know that this is part of having and loving a dog.  But Gizmo is not even 7 yet.  I'm just so, so sad...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We'll Be Right Back...

OK.  So The Publicist's hard drive on her yap top crashed and she had to get it "wiped" and re-formatted.  We lost a lot of pictures, butt not all of them.

In addition, SHE is starting a new work project which involves a bit of a learning curve for her old and addled brain.  

That being said, we're going to be laying low for a little while.  We'll be re-stocking the iPhoto files and be back soon. 

We'll leave you with these so you don't forget how cute we are...

 Did we ever mention that beef jerky is like the best food thing effur??

Please don't forget about us...

Gizmo, Bart and Ruby


Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Summer Sky

So yesterday evening, after it started to cool off, we headed down to the creek to meet up with Mabel Lou and our other creek buddies.

Look at what we saw!!!

 The publicist took these with her iPhone!!

 Can you tell it's a double rainbow?


It was like we got a gift.

On our way back to the car, it started to lightning.  
So I'm playing it safe!

Hope you have a great week!