Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bitey Face Under the Mistletoe

By Otto


Well, on Christmas Eve I got to 
go for a hike with my best girl, Riley. 

You've met her before - she's  part
Dingo and part Sibe - and
that girl gives me a run for my money!  

Well, the first thing we saw on the hike was Mistletoe!!!  So I knew I had to bite her scruff - part of the holiday tradition, right??

La, la, we are heading down the trail...She's acting all disinterested.  I'm just being cool.

disclaimer:  that's her collar that's red, i'm not making her bleed...

It's ON!

Look at her beautiful smile!  It's all for me!

A perfect Christmas Eve hike under the 
Mistletoe with my girl.

Here's a gratuitous shot of my handsome self
modeling my new scarf from

Hey ladies...

No.  Just kidding; butt isn't my scarf beautiful?!?
We're gonna do a whole postie about it in a couple of days, cuz I gave one to a friend as a present, too, and then, of course, beclaws we live in Blogville, there was a mandatory photo shoot.  You'll see all!!

I hope you get to go on super funball hikes with furiends, or get to play bitey face, or do zoomies with someone special this holiday season!

See you soon.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm 9 Today!

Hi Everybody! Sorry we haven't posted much lately.  It's mom's "busy time."
Butt Ruby and Otto said I should let you all know that 


Here are some of Ruby's favorite pictures of me since
you've probably forgotten what I look like:

I'm still holding my own with my degenerative disk problem.  The prednisone is helping me be able to stand and walk.  
I am happy, cuddly and eating like a pig.  
Otto always
walks outside with me 
at night and stays with me until I'm ready to come back in.  He's pretty
cool like that.  

Nine is pretty good for a rottweiler, so please join us in 
celebrating my special day!!

me, ruby, otto


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Update

Hi Everybody!  It's me, Bart.  I just wanted to give

me after my second acupuncture last week

you all an update on my progress...

The neurologist thinks I have some sort of disk disease.  When I went to see her three weeks ago I could barely stand, and in fact I had to be helped back to the consultation room with a sling.  


She started me on prednisone and I've been continuing my acupuncture with Dr. Sarah
I'm doing SO WELL!!

I get up on my own with no help and I am my usual happy self, greeting people with my toy
and being playful and pouncy!!  I really feel great!

I still can't go on any walks, but I'm so much more myself.  My pawrents are really happy and so are Otto and Ruby.  We have been playing a little.  

Otto is super respectful of me and plays with me without being rough and always lets me be dominate - he never lets me think he could kick my butt!!

Thank you all for your many kind thoughts and for stopping by to visit me.  I KNOW the POTP
has a lot to do with my feeling better, 
so thanks.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bo-'Bama Care?

Dear Bo,

I recently went to see a specialist Vet-human.  Did you know medical care for us canines is REALLY EXPENSIVE?  Especially us big doggies.

So I was wondering, do you have 
BO-'Bama Care???  If so, sign me up.


Bart von Weiler

Friday, October 11, 2013

How I, Otto, Spent Our Blogging Break

(or Fabulous Fun Foto Friday)

First of all, am I not the 
of a FUN GUY?!?!

Dudes just wanna have fun.  All the time.

Hey Fiona and ABBY!!  Hop on Air Fiona and come out to The Coast!! 
 You can show me how it's done. 
 I can show you The Pacific!!

Don't I look like Dexter in this picture??  Mom LOVES this one!!

I'm doing some major swimmies in our local ponds. I really love the water!  I'm practically a labradude.  I retrieve about 60% of the time...BOL!!  I love waiting to see if SHE'll just get frustrated and go after the ball herself.  It just cracks me up!!

sorry for the wiggly photo...

I've also been doing a lot of
stick retrieval/rescue like
Brother Goose!  They can DROWN
if you just leave them out there...


While it's been very hot and dry here, you can see that I've trained HER to get out, cool off and have fun with ME.    

Next time, I'll show you some pictures of me having super funballs with my furiends, cuz I do that, too!


Please keep your paws crossed for my brother Bart who I'm very respectful of.  I know he doesn't feel well and I don't bug him.  I'm a pretty nice guy...


Now get out there and have some fun!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wonky Wednesday on Tuesday

I have to have a "Neuro Consult."

I don't even know what that is.

Dr. Sarah says that I'm walking really funny and it's not just the Arthritis sickie.  

My Publicist contacted Twinkie's M because Twinkie's brother Ziggy had a problem and M gave the Publicist the name of the Dr. who treated him who M really likes and trusts.  

I'm still a happy boy.  I boss the Publicist around by barking at her if I want to come to the room she's in cuz I can't always get up on my own - especially if she's around!!  Now the Publicist is having acupuncture and chiropractic on her back from lifting me!!  BOL!!  

Anyway, we'll keep you posted.  My appointment is on Monday.  Otto wants to tell you about all his fun adventures over the summer, so he's gonna be taking over the blog for the next few posts.  

Thank you all for your support!



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank You, Furiends...

Hi Everybody!!

Bart here with an update.  First though, thank you all so much for your healing vibes, POTP and prayers.  Between that and my acupuncture, I'm feeling the betterment.  I'm a little more mobile.  It's not the walking, it's the getting up and down.  But yesterday was better.  Until the STOOPID dogs next door got into our back, back yard, and Otto and I had to guard and I fell down (it was SO embarrassing) and I had to be helped up.  URGH...  Butt I rested all day and this morning I'm pretty chipper.  

One of the things that's been really sucky this summer is that our stream is dried up.  We hardly had any rain last winter and Riley's dad said they might be cleaning out the dam way up the canyon...butt LOOK AT THIS:

Me in the same spot last summer:

This is our closest, easiest walk and it's just been too hot to go there...and anyway WHY??  What's the point??  As you know if you've been following us for a while, I LOVE just standing in the water and letting it whoosh by me.  It feels really good.  So I haven't been having my short walk and hydrotherapy sessions for a few months.  Just boring neighborhood walks.  

So anyway, thanks again for all your good thoughts.  I get another Adequan shot on Friday.  Mom gives 'em to me and neither of us even flinch!  Dr. Sarah is giving me some herbies, too.  I'm gonna try really hard not to fall down today.  It's pretty embarrassing.  Butt now that RUBY has outed me to all of Blogville, I might as well fess up and talk about all this.  You are my furiends, after all...

BTW, my LABwork was all normal!!

Thanks, efurrybody.  He only yelled at me a little, and then he said he could feel the POTP working on him and he THANKED me for getting the word out - so thanks...  -Ruby

Monday, September 23, 2013

POTP for Bart

Hi.  Ruby here. I know we haven't been blogging much due to well, whatever. The Publicist really should be looking for another job - or maybe she's found one and has been ignoring her responsibilities to us.  In any event, I come to you today to ask for you to send my brother Bart some POTP.

He's had some arthritis sickies in his hips for the past several months, butt he seems to have taken a bit of a turn to the south.  Even Dr. Sarah was surprised by the loss of muscle tone in his body.

She did a heavy-duty acupuncture treatment on him today, loaded him up on adequan and did some blood work to make sure nothing else is going on.  He just keeps saying, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"  We could really use your positive thoughts. (Because The Publicist is a bit of a wreck.) I'll let you know when the results come back.  Also, we'll fill you in on our recent adventures!

btw - he LOVES acupuncture...

PeeeeeeS:  Don't tell him I wrote this post - he's very proud and would be very mad at me if he knew I said anything.  Thanks again.  



Friday, August 9, 2013

Blogging Break

We'll be back the second week in September. Our Publicist is entering the coo-coo time in her job. We'll be lurking around so we don't miss anything...  See you soon!


Otto, Ruby and Bart

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


This is my Elvis look...


Happy Hump Day!!

(BOL!!  I said HUMP!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!
Yes, I'm an adolescent male...)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Lazy but cute edition:

note the stick (needing rescuing!) further out in the water...

 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

and Bart and Ruby

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

If you can't see my handsome self, click HERE

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


(yes, I did stop for some horse d'oeuvres.  eat your hearts out, dawgs...)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I hope your Wednesday is as Happy as mine.
'Course, I'm just pretty happy all the time.
I even have a Happy Tail which we'll show you some day.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Hey!  We're NOT the Woo's!


Butt, seriously, how do they always sit
 SO perfectly?!?

We love you Thunder.  Feel better!!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Saturday, June 22, 2013



Stare deeply into my eyes...

You will have a very nice weekend.
You will do something fun with your dog.
It will relax you.
You will clean the goobers from their eyes before posting pictures of them on the interwebs...

When I bark, you'll wake up refreshed.

Now go have fun!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey Benny!!

Fight Like a Frenchie!!!

Otto, with drool, Ruby, and Bart

We love ya, man...

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beach Day!!

Otto and I went to the beach yesterday with my friend and 
Wizard, the goldendoodle.
  Otto is like a different dog after a day at the beach. 
Negative ions?
Running like crazy, playing with whomever? 

Actually getting chased by a small corgi-like fast as a speeding bullet dog?

 Who knows...

Whatever it is, it was a wonderful, calming day. 

In this series of photos, Otto is engaging Wizard in play.  Wizard gets a little hyper-focused on his toy and chasing it into the water.  

Otto got Wizard to PLAY!!

I wish I would have gotten pictures of the little dog chasing Otto.  And of Wizard , who was raised by a border collie, HERDING Otto!  
Otto slept all day today.


PeeeS:  We've got your back, Benny.


Friday, June 14, 2013

See Beautiful - Anniversary Edition

There's beauty in the silver singin' river
There's beauty in the rainbow in the sky

None of these and
Nothin' can match the beauty

That I remember in my new dog's eyes...

~ apologies to Bob Dylan

Of all the pictures I've taken this year - on travels and hikes, with friends and family, out in Nature and in my home, to me this is the most beautiful.  The love in the eyes of my newest canine companion...


From Sugar the Golden Retriever: "{This Moment} See Beautiful is a once a month Blog Hop,every 2nd Friday of the month. Simply create a blog post that made your day,week, and/or month … inspiring you in Seeing Beauty.Blog Hop inspired by See Beautiful." Please be respectful of this blog hop. Only add your blog if your post is related to {This Moment} See Beautiful 6/14/13 {This Moment} See Beautiful Blog 1st Anniversary Hop This is a Blog Hop!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Otto, front right, has been living with us for 4 months now.  We finally allowed a group photo yesterday!

We hope you're having a fun week!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No. We Did Not Fall Off the Face of the Earth...

We've been busy, butt life is good here at Chez RottRover.  Here are some highlights (which is also something mom puts in her hair.  Humans are confusing...)

Otto has been doing a lot of hiking

He has a new girlfriend whom he likes to hike with

Her name is Riley, and her mom thinks she might be part Dingo!
She's VERY energetic and gives The Pain - I mean Otto - a 
run for his money!

Look!  She has eyes like Lightening!!

This is what Otto looks like after a hike with Riley:


Bart started physical therapy.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it.
You can tell by the expression on his face!

He gets to go 8 times for his arthritis in his hippers.  He's so
feeling the betterment!



I am the QUEEN of toys.  
They are ALL mine.  All of them.  
It doesn't matter that I have two big brothers 
who are each over 100 pounds.  

Don't mess with The Ruby!!

That's the brief update.
Thank you all for the many, many Gotcha Day Messages you've left me.  
I am truly blessed! I didn't know when I came to live here
that I would have SO many friends...