Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Lest anyone forget...

I'm cute from one end to the other!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Just Too Darned Cute!! by Ruby

To:  Mr. Mango, Judge Fiona and my Loyal Readers
From:  Ruby von Weiler
Re:  I'm just TOO DARN CUTE!!

Please accept this post as my official entry into Mango Minster, 2012:


We rottie girls have a reputation for being intimidating guard dogs who will risk life and limb to protect our families and properties.  Well, not me.

I spend most of my time on the bed or the couch.  If I do bark, it's from a "down" position.  I mean, why get hysterical...right?!?  Anyhoo,

Please review the following exhibits.  I hope that you come to the same conclusion as just about anyone who has met me -- that I'm just too darn cute!!

 First of all, this is my "wanted poster".  It's my adoption poster that Mom saw when she fell for me...

 This is my first Gotcha Day picture.  Puddles and Bunny aren't the only ones who look pretty in pink...

Here I am with my brothers.  I'm the one in pink...
See how petite I am?!?

 Here I am modeling my turtleneck that I won from 
Sir Chick .  Aren't I adorable??

 Here I am with my favorite lobster that Bert sent us celebrating my hu-bro's birthday...

 AAAHHHHH  I loves my lobster...

Aren't I just SO cute!!

So I hope I've won your support for the cuteness award
in this most prestigious competition! 




Sunday, January 1, 2012

Every Ending is a New Beginning...

As we put 2011 behind us, and reflect on all that happened last year - both joys and sorrows - we find that we are most grateful to have gotten to share and be shared with by our friends across the globe.

We're ready to leap into 2012!

We're looking forward

to sharing more in the year ahead!


We are also extremely grateful for the warmth of our welcome into the blogging community this year and we are especially grateful for the love and support we received throughout Gizmo's illness and passing in October.  We were awestruck, touched and truly comforted by the kindnesses we received from people we'd never met but who knew the pain through their own experience. 
Thank you so much.  

Rottie Kisses,

Bart, Ruby and Angel Gizmo