Thursday, December 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Christmas Edition

Otto, Ruby and Bart - December, 2013

Happy Holidays from
All of Us

Even From the Bridge!

~ Bart, Ruby and Otto

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Run Free, Ruby!

Ruby went to the Bridge on Friday.  She had been living with her mega esophagus since March and it was only getting worse.  She was keeping almost no food down, and had lost at least 25 pounds.  There is no cure for this condition in which the esophagus stretches out and no longer pushes the food into the stomach.  We tried many medicines and combinations of medicines, but nothing really helped.  

Friday the vet told me that she thought that the bond between Ruby and I was the only thing keeping her alive.  Well, that's no good.  

I've been going through pictures to try to put together this blog post and have enjoyed seeing Miss Ruby in her healthier, happier days with her brothers Bart and Gizmo.  

my absolute favorite picture of Ruby - the lobster was a present from Bert

Ruby was rescued at 4 or 5 and this became her Forever Home.  She was loving, sweet, gentle and had the softest fur of any rottweiler I've ever met.  She held her own with Otto who outweighed her by at least 30 pounds.  She loved her mom.  She refused to be trained. She was a very good girl anyway.  I miss her.  I miss Bart.  I am enjoying spoiling Otto, spending more time with him and training him.  It will be nice to have an 'only dog' for a while. 


 Gotcha Day, Mar 29, 2010 - December 18, 2015