Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pip and Puddles do SoCal!!!

As we're sure you're aware, Miss Puddles Duddles Rainwater is helping Mr. Pip complete his list of things to do, places to go and kittehs and pups to meet before he "kicks the bucket."  In short (sorry Pip) Blogville is celebrating Pip's life!

Today they're visiting us in the L.A. area.  Puddles and Pip arrived in style, had a small (or big) detour and then made it down to San Diego to see the seals. Let's get started...


Puddles:  Laaawww...Where's a gal supposed to park??

Pip:  Puddles, I don't think this is it...this isn't a house!

Puddles:  It's big, it's shiney, it's gorgeous!  Honey, I just know Bart lives HERE!!

Pip:  Ahem...Puddles, this is the Disney Concert Hall.  See the sign??

Puddles:  Well, I thought with Otto in the family, they might live across the street from the courthouse...

Pip:  Let's head toward the mountains...I gotta get outta this car!!


On the way up to our house, Puddles became distracted by all the Marijuana "Dispensaries" in our 'hood.  

Puddles:  Pip!  Buddy!  Let's go in!!  Maybe this "medicine" could help extend your life!  I'm a healthcare professional, afterall!!

Pip:  I don't know about this...


Puddles:  See!!  Honey, it says "Caregivers!!"  
I just know for certain they can fix you up in there!!

Pip:  I don't think smoking is good for my heart...

And so Pip got his "med card."  Sheesh.  Of course Puddles had to "test" the efficacy of the "medications" to see what the proper dose might be for Pip...


Puddles:  OH MY LAW...Pip, I feel HUGE!!!  And sleepy....

Pip:  Wow.  Dude.  I've always wanted to be a BIG DOG!!  Look at the colors of their coats...I'm not even scared of them.

Puddles:'re all SO beautiful...

And so, Pip and Nurse Puddles, newly minted BIG DOGS curled up on our bed and slept it off....


After an 87 hour nap, They woke up STARVED!  We offered them some of our venison canned food, but no.  Puddles wanted left over tri-tip and a margarita "for the road."  They were off to La Jolla, near San Diego, to see the seals; something Pip has wanted to do all of his life!  We didn't really get to hang out much with them.  They just kept waving their paws in the air and going, "wow.  look at the trails..."  


They were still a little large by the time they reached La Jolla, butt they didn't scare the seals.  We're so glad we could host the Pipster and his beautiful, if adventurous, Nurse on the West Coast leg of their tour!  

Good luck you two!  We LOVE YOU MR. PIP!!


-Bart, Ruby and Otto


with very, very special thanks to our furiend
Miss CreekHiker for her mad
foto-shopping skilz :-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

OTTO Update

Well, Otto's been with us for just over a week.  What a character he is!  He knows his name already and comes when called. (huh??) He sits for his food, he shakes, lies down, and seems to like everyone - human and canine alike.  

Bart has become the alpha dog for the first time in his life!  As a puppy he lived with bossy Angel Allie, then Gizmo was bossy, then Ruby just sort of slipped into the role.  Well, now Otto defers to him, waits for him to go first, will not get on the bed unless Bart is already there, is respectful of Bart's slightest grrrr...Bart's loving life!  

Ruby, who seems to bring out the playful side of everyone, brings that out in Otto, too.  It's just that she has some pretty severe arthritis in her right elbow and doesn't want to be pushed.  She sets limits with Otto by barking at him, and he barks back at her, and she barks at him, but he is always submissive; laying down, lowering his head, rolling over on his back.  They both think he's a little rough, but he is respectful.  And he's 2 and they are 8.  

Here's where I need your help...I love laying on my bed and reading.  Otto thinks this is play time.  He bites my arm - playfully but hard!  He won't stop.  Every dog I've ever had would stop if I said, "OUCH!" or something.  Not his guy.  If I tell him to get off the bed he does and then jumps right back on.  

Finally yesterday I "claimed the space" on the bed and visualized him laying on his dog bed - no command or anything - and he instantly got down and layed on his bed.  It actually worked twice.  Any other suggestions for "extinguishing" this arm biting behavior?  He's playing a game, but I don't like it.  I've substituted my arm with a wubba or another toy, but I think that just excites him and I need him to calm down.  Any ideas?  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Got a Name!

Hi.  I'm OTTO.

And I'm home!

Thanks, Jo and Stella for suggesting my new name!  
And thank everybody for my warm welcome!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013


OMD!! We have a new pack member!! His name is Riley. Or Charlie. Or Rocco or Jack or Bubba or Baily or Buddy or Eddie.... The dumb humans can't agree on a name for him.

Bart, Me, New Guy

He is about two years old and was found as a stray. Actually he found a house where nice dog-people lived and sat at their gate until they let him in. Unfortunately (fortunately for us) their sibe went after him so he couldn't stay there. They contacted the rescue that I came from and they contacted mom:  "Hey!  Want another rottie???"

He's a lover not a fighter!

Hey Blogville!  I need a name!!

He is very sweet and very respectful of Bart and me.  If he gets too pushy with me, I just give him my "bitch bark" and he backs right off. He really seems like he just wants to please everyone - even me!!  We all got to go for walks today and we're all very relaxed.  Mom walked him by himself cuz she doesn't know him yet.  He's not great on the leash, but seems to be a fast learner.  

You know, I can't work on my recall until I have a name...
He is affectionate, likes other dogs, likes people,
 is kinda trained - he sits for his food. 
He is VERY skinny (you can see his ribs in the photo above) 
butt we'll fatten him up.

Bart and Me

He's a very happy guy.  We've all been playing together.  Sometimes he gets the puppy zoomies and jumps over us like he's flying!
Bart and I feel younger just having him in the pack!

Can anyone help us with a name for him??


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday With Some Words...

I don't know about you, butt

doesn't water just taste better if you're standing in it?!? My stream is my favorite water bowl!