Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday Selfie on Monday

by Otto

this is my special Beach-Dog smile!

Hi Everybloggy!  Otto here...Sorry we've been MIA.  I've been really busy going to the beach, going on my Jungle Cruise hike, hanging with my girls...Butt you know, it's just never enough.  Somehow mom thinks she should be working and that makes me SO bored!  

The other thingy is that Ruby has been pretty sick.  Her megaesophagus makes her barf several hours after she eats and then mom has to race Ruby to clean up the barf.  There are towels in the washer and dryer ALL the time and Ruby can't seem to kick her pneumonia.  She has a new, stronger anty-biotic, which, if she can keep it down long enough, should kick the pneumonia in it's butt...

The other stress for mom is that our vet, Dr. Sarah, left the practice right near our house and so we've been seeing Dr. Ann who comes to our house!!  Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Dr. Ann, she is on Vacy up in the Peuget Sound cruising around in boats visiting with ORCAS!!  How cool is that?  Well, not very, in case Ruby needs IV meds or fluids or something.  I'm telling mom to get in touch with Dr. Sarah, and that maybe Ruby is going to have to leave the 'hood to get the care she needs right now.  Sheesh, mom...

This is me using Ruby as a footrest...

Well, mom says I barfed all over the blog, butt I just wanted to tell you all what's been going on.  I'm great - no more visits from the seizure monster, and I'm getting to have lots of fun.  If you can send some POTP to Ruby, we'd really like it, cuz our house smells like barf. 

We hope you're having a fun summer!

Love and special rottie kisses,

Otto and Ruby