Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Joyous Day!

The other day Ina posted this video (click on link above).  We want to share it here in the spirit of today!

Feliz Navidad

as we say here
the Southwest!!


-Bart and Ruby


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Seeing Beauty on a Tragic Day

On this sad day, take a minute to hug those you love and take a look around to find the beauty which exists in our world.  

As you probably know, Sugar is donating one dollar for every post which joins this blog hop today in support of the Pet Area at the Homeless Shelter sponsored by Goose's mom's church.  As you probably know, many homeless people continue to live on the street or in camps because they don't want to part with their animal family members when they go into a shelter.  This Pet area is a pawsome answer to that problem, helping families get one step closer to the stability of a permanent home.    

On days like today, seeing the beauty in the world around us is most important.  

And don't forget to give your furry friends an extra hug tonight.


-Bart and Ruby

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabulous Franken-Friday

Look at this!!  And right before our Christmas photo-shoot!!

I had to have 3 lumpies removed.

Yay!  One of the best words in any language!!! 

I've been resting...and I can't go swimming till I get these franken-staples out of me.  URGH!!  It's been raining though and I HATE to get my furs wet in the rain.  I think we get to take a shorty before mom has to work tomorrow...I hope so.  You can only snooze so much.


In other news...

Last Friday we got to go to the beach with our friend Wizard!  It was warm and sunny and gorgeous at home.  

This is what the beach looked like:

It was SO foggy we couldn't even see any little dogs
who might try to sneak up on us...

My silly sister went IN THE OCEAN!!

She chased Wizard when his mom threw his toy.  Not me. No way.  
Too NUTTY as Benny and Lily would say!!


We were glad to get home.  Butt then on Sunday we had to get BATHS!!
Something about a photo shoot, but now I look like Franken-Weiler.


At least I'm still interesting!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giving Away Frosty Paws??

So our friend Mabel Lou, who got us into this whole blogging thing in the first place, is having a drawing to give away Frosty Paws coupons and stuffies!!  Check her out HERE.  She is helping to promote National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month cuz she used to be a shelter dog.  

So get over there and enter!  We have our paws crossed that you'll be a winner!

-Bart and Ruby  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Story of Our Red Lobster

OK.  So last year when our brother Gizmo was so sick with his osteosarcoma, our buddy Bert sent a care package to Gizmo and to our peeps.  It was only a couple of weeks between the time that we learned of Gizmo's diagnosis and his request to go to the Bridge.  

OMD! OMD!  I smell BERT!!!

Get away from me woman!  This lobster is MINE!!!
Unfortunately Gizmo went to the Bridge before the package arrived from Bert.  See the box?  It arrived on the 19th and Gizmo left on the 17th.  

Well, since Ruby can't read, she took one sniff of the package and thought it said, "HOT BLONDE, HOT BLONDE, HOT BLONDE!!"  She was absolutely 100% sure that Bert had sent the box to her!!

OH, he is SO HOT!!

We were never, ever allowed to have stuffies - ever - because me and Gizmo did a lot of THIS when we were young:

But me and Ruby both love our red lobster SO MUCH and Ruby even lets me carry it around or show it to Mom when she comes home from work.  

Lobster - October

Lobster - April

Lobster - today

The Red Lobster is kind of the worse for wear, but he is still with us.  Mom loves the Red Lobster almost as much as we do because to her it is a symbol of the kindness and support of Blogville during a very sad time in our family's life.  

Thank you Bert.


Gizmo von Weiller  4 December 2004 - 17 October 2011

We miss him every day.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beach Day

We got to go to the beach yesterday with our friend, Wizard and his mom.

We thought it was going to be overcast, but it was a gorgeous day.  

The Publicist and Wizard's mom were so busy yacking that she didn't even take any pictures of us.

So here are some from the last time we went that she was too lazy busy to post:

hey Wizard - where are you going??

OK.  I'm right behind you...

I chased that Wizard right into the ocean!  He was having sooo much fun!  Bart was chicken!!

Need some help with that bumper, Wizard??

We walked and walked, and met lots of other dogs.  After our walk, the Publicist and Wizard's mom went here:

Again, it was a MUCH nicer day, butt I'm showing you this picture cuz you see that BIG, RED SIGN?!?

Yep.  DOG FRIENDLY.  Butt WE had to wait in the car!!!  Something about handeling two rottweilers in a restaurant full of dogs, kids, and people.


Oh well.  We had a fun time and slept very well all afternoon and last night!!

Have a great week!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pieces of the Sky

Just some random shots from the past few weeks...

the sky on a recent walk

a sunset from my front yard. our sky is amazing in september...
it's hard to see, but the moon is coming up behind the mountain.  that's mabel and the other bart with me in the photo


i love my mom, wrinkles and all...


hope you're having a good weekend!

- Bart and Ruby

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lighting Relentlessly Huge Candles

All of us who knew him are lighting
candles tonight
for the Mango.

His spirit is strong in all of our hearts.

Bart and Ruby

Sunday, September 23, 2012

black and white sunday 9.23


Hey Everybuddy!  It's ME, Bart!!  I think we're back from our break.  Me and Ruby are very excited that The Publicist again has time to help us blog.  
See you soon!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black and White Sunday - 9/2/2012

Happy Sunday, everyone!


PeeeeeS:  Sorry we've not been around much.  The Publicist has a lot of work stuffs and other human-type stuffs going on.  Butt we'll be back soon!