Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Peeps

Mr. Sarge is sponsoring Peeps on Parade this weekend. We want to tell you a little about our peeps. And a little is pretty much all there is to tell!  We live with our mom and our dad. Our dad is the one who originally wanted to get a rottweiler. Mom told him, "Oh, no!  I don't want a rottweiler!  They're mean and they're ugly!!" (bitch!)  Well, our dad came home with our very first rottie, Max, who weighed like 7 pounds and was 6 weeks old and Mom FLIPPED OUT because he was so cute and that sealed the deal.  They've both been in love with rotties ever since!  

Like lots of other dads, ours spoils us -- we get beef jerky, chicken skin, peanuts and stuffs from him.  Mom takes us for our walks, to the vet and all that kind of stuff.  They both are excellent snugglers!  We don't have a favorite in that department.  Like Mango's momma, we are pretty much Mom's hobby.  We go on lots of hikes with her around where we live.  We think it's very important for her mentals for us to get her out in Nature.  She has recently been taking more pictures mostly because of our blog.  She likes that a lot.  So here are some pictures of Mom and us that Dad took right after Ruby's Gotcha Day for her rescue which likes to have pictures of all the forever homes. You can kinda tell she loves us...

Rottie Kisses!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Operation Toto

Our little buddy Tank is organizing "Project Toto" in an effort to get much needed fleece blankets to the Humane Society in Joplin Missouri to support their efforts to house, manage and comfort displaced pets in the area resulting from the tornadoes  which occurred on Monday.  


  Here's the address:

Joplin Humane Society
Animal Adoption and Resource Center
140 E. Emperor Lane
Joplin, MO   64801
Jack said that some sellers on Amazon offer free shipping on orders over $25.00 but to be careful that Amazon doesn't try to change your shipping address.  Since Jack recently awarded us a gift certificate from Amazon, we're going to use it to send some blankets to doggies and kittehs who are frightened, hungry and missing their humans.  

Here we are modeling the proper use of blankets...

***Ann at Zooltry made the badge

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Now, even if Mom posts stoopid flower pictures, you'll still get a little bit of Rottie Love.  Thanks to 
Mabel Lou's momma for our awesome new header!!

Time for a walk!

Happy Trails!
Love, Bart

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Watch out, World, Mom got a new camera... UGH.


Excuse me!  It's called ROTTrover, remember?!?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thinking of Puddles, Tank and Pedrito...

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this video:

(If you can't open the video, click here.)

The moral of the story:  don't eat fermented pumpkins...

Hoping everyone's wishes come true!

Ours did!  Thank You Sammy, Andy and Shelly (and of course Judi) for designing our beautiful new header!!  We love it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Love Water, Too - by Ruby

Hi everybody!  As you know, Reilly at Cowspotdog is having a contest about why you love or hate water.  My brother Bart did a post, but I want to show you what I can do, too, OK?

So on Sunday, me and Gizmo took Mom for a walk for Mother's Day.  She's been pretty good this year.  

We got her some flowers:

Then we let her take some Yucca pictures.  She's obsessed!!

THEN, the best part!
She watched me Body Surf!
If you can't open the video, click here.

I LOVE doing that!!  I can do it over and over again!  The first time I did it, I sort of scared myself, butt now I go out to the deepest part of our stream and just float downstream.  AAAHHHHHHH!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love Swimming!! - by Bart

Moi, Bart von Weiler

So, Mr. 
Reilly, over at Cowspotdog is having a fun contest!  Because of all the rain and wet weather they've been having at his house, he and his mom decided to do a contest about why you LOVE to get wet or why you HATE to get wet.  All the rules are posted here. The winner will receive a box of his mom's beautiful hand-made cards AND other goodies!!  How could you not enter?!?

Our sister Allie taught us about chasing sticks and bringing them back during our very first summer. We were like nine months old here...

Here are our three Rottie Butts:

Allie didn't really like to be where her feet didn't touch the bottom, but me and Gizmo just took off with the stick!!  Mom would throw it, we'd bring it back, but Allie would always manage to be the one to return it to Mom. I never understood how that worked...

Me and the dufus...

Me getting the stick.  HA!

See, here she is telling us to give her the stick!! 
 She was kind of bossy!!

Anyway, as time has gone on, and we've gotten older, my dork brother has gotten extremely lazy in my opinion.  He likes to stand in the water, but not to exert too much energy.

  Not me. I LOVE to swim!!

This is one of Mom's favorite pictures of yours truly.

Ahhhh, SO refreshing...
Man!  I just love cruisin' in the water!!
How 'bout you??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mango Man!!

Wishing you a Relentlessly Happy Sixth Birthday!!

(Of course we had to format your picture in "extra-large!")

Thanks for all the laughter and fun!

With lots of love and
 lots of
Rottie Kisses


Your favorite Rottie Girl,



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Power of the Paw...

Just maybe an extra dose as we go through our day today...

For all the doggies and kittehs who have gone to the v.e.t. recently, because they are not feeling well and maybe are waiting for lab results or for meds to kick in; and for their human families and grand families whom we think about; and for the senior doggies whom we check in with every day, just because we're wondering how they and their families are doing. For all the people each day that we "keep in our thoughts..."  Just a little extra, today.  For my cousin, Marilynn, who is recovering from a pretty big, scary surgery. Please, let's just send out a little extra Power of the Paw today. We can all use it. 
That, and some Rottie Kisses!


BTW, I'm feeling better:

I'll tell you all about my sore neck in a future post!