Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Me and my shadow want to thank everyone who helped celebrate my first Gotcha Day. 

 We made a donation of one hundred twenty five dollars to World Vets!!!   Blogville rocks!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrating Ruby's First Gotcha Day!!

Hi Everybody!  Thanks for helping me celebrate my first Gotcha Day! I've been living with my family for exactly one whole year today!!

To celebrate, for every comment that's left on my blog from midnight 3/29/2011 through midnight 3/30/2011 we will donate two dollars to World Vets to help animals in Japan who may have lost their homes!!

 Mom didn't have to go to the work place yesterday, so we got to smellebrate ALL DAY!! (You'd have thought she'd have gotten my blog posted, but nnoooooo...)

I went for a hike at the creek with my big brother, Gizmo. 
See my smile?

I gotted my own Wubba cuz you guys all say it Rocks!!  Did you know it has TWO squeekers in it?!??  I LOVE it!!  I'm squeekin' it right now in Mom's office while she posts about me!!  I ALWAYS remove the squeekers post haste from all toys, but not the Wubba!  Love it!!

I hung out snoopervised dinner preparations from under the table!

THEN, we all got special giant Gtocha Day cookies!!  All to celebrate that I get to live HERE with my amazing family who loves me so much!!  We eventually all sat for our cookie, but Bart's kind of a goody-four-paws... It was a pawsome day!

For the first four years of my life, I lived in someone's backyard.  No one played with me or took me on walks.  I was not let into the house because I was "too big." Then those people's house got foreclosed on. They sent me to live with their son -- in his backyard.  His mother-in-law was afraid of me and would squirt me with the hose. Because of that, I had a really bad ear infection when I was rescued.    The original people who had me owned a dry cleaners where my rescuer went.  They had a picture of me in their business in which I just had my head down and was leaning up against a door with my head.  My rescue lady said it was the saddest picture she'd ever seen.  Like Mayzie's AngelmommyDonna, my rescue lady talked, and talked and talked to the people who owned me, and FINALLY they let her rescue me.  Then I went to a foster home and to the vet to get my ears treated and THEN my Mom saw my picture in a pet store.  She thought about me and thought about me.  When she called my rescue lady the lady asked her lots of questions about our house and our yard and my brothers.  When my mom mentioned that her dogs sleep on the bed the rescue lady said, "YOU are the perfect family!  This dog needs a home where she is totally SPOILED!"  And the rest is history.  At first I was scared to go too far into our back yard or be too far away from my Mom and Dad.  I'm still a little bit clingy, but I love my brothers and they are very nice to me and watch out for me and teach me stuff like how to guard the house if another dog walks by. I think I am a very lucky girl.  My family loves me very much.  And, yeah, maybe I'm a little bit spoiled...  

Thanks for helping me celebrate.  I am so happy that you are all my friends!

One other kinda cool coincidence:  March 29 is my angel sister Allie's birthday.  How cool is that?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

We're getting pretty excited...

A very special day is coming next week...

Tuesday, March 29 is Ruby's First Gotcha Day!!

To help her celebrate her first year with our family, next Tuesday, for every comment left on our blog that day, wishing our special girl a Happy Gotcha Day, we will donate two dollars to World Vets to help the animals displaced in Japan -- or $50.00 which ever is more.  See you Tuesday, March 29!!

(thanks for the idea, Tank!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pause for Crossed Paws

This is where Bart and I spent our Worldwide Moment last November 14th.

Please take some time today to go to your own peaceful place and send prayers and thoughts and vibes for strength, hope and safety to the many people and animals affected by today's huge earthquake and tsunami.  

See you for some special Rottie kisses this weekend at the kissing booth to support Ronnii and Richie!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Power of the Paw Prevails!!!

photo by Greg Nichols

So you guys remember Quigley's dad, right?  Well that's him in the picture.  He's my niece's (She's that really beautiful young woman holding Quigley) husband who was diagnosed with lymphoma in early January.  We asked you guys for some Power of the Paw. Well, Quig's dad has been doing some heavy-duty chemo, and has had a spinal surgery in which they replaced a vertebra in his spine and did some other repair work, and as of Tueday night, he is CANCER FREE!!!  OMD!! Praise the Paw!! He still has additional chemo to undergo, and a long recovery with his spinal surgery, but this is fabulous news!  

Thank you to all the paws!  Please continue to keep Quigley and his parents in mind over the next few months.  Thank you.

Speaking of the Paw...

Don't forget to visit Richie and Ronnii's auction!!

But don't bid on the stuff we've already bid on.  Thanks.  

Also, Minna Krebs and Miss Puddles are organizing a Kissing Booth at the Auction. See their sites (2/28) for more information.  Our lips are puckered!!  All the money raised from the kissing stuff will go to Richie and Ronnie

You guys are awesome.  Thank you so much.