Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Three Wednesday - Wordless Edition

Rottie Kisses,

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

PeeeeeeS:  apologies for the poor quality of the photos.  It's very difficult getting us all into one shot!!  Hope you're having a good week.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Power of the Paw needed!!

Miss Lily

Beautiful Lily over at Fabric, Food and Fido had a front leg amputated this week to prevent bone cancer from spreading through her body or breaking her leg.

Miss Lily showing the rottie defiant face - just say NO to cancer...

Miss Lily's beautiful smile.

Please visit Lily's blog to send support to her family.
And PLEASE keep your paws crossed for her speedy recovery! 

Sending Rottie Kisses to Lily from all of us...

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Friday, August 26, 2011

The END of the Week

OMD!  It's 111 F here today and very humid.  

The End.

(Get it?  BOL!!)
In other news, we sent a donation to SAS on behalf of everyone who commented up until this afternoon and we were feeling pretty happy (cuz someone might be going to the Pawm) so we rounded up a bit.
Thank you EVERYONE who commented to help out our furiends!!

Stay cool, stay dry and please stay safe!!

Rottie Kisses,
-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comment-a thon for S.A.S.

**comment-a-thon continues until tonight (thursday) at midnight!!**
Hey!  It's me, Bart... So we'll be making a donation to Sammy, Andy and Shelly of .25 cents for every comment left on our blog between now and midnight Thursday, the 25th.

We're doing this because SAS experienced a furry scary financial time earlier this month which could have caused them to be separated from each other.  The situation has resolved, but we wanted to provide a cushion to some kittehs and their mom who have been so generous and kind to other bloggers.

In case you didn't know, Miss Judi makes wonderful header artwork and has done so for many blogs -- see Pip and Frankie for examples of her work. 

In addition, Miss Judi told us that she would be happy to "hat" anyone that would like to be "hatted." Just leave her a note on her blog or send her an e-mail.

Here's my "Hatted" picture:

When I wear my fishing hat, fish swim to me and tell ME fish stories.  I AM the most interesting dog in the world...

Someone accused us of being 'nice doggies.'  Actually we just believe in karma...
And rottie kisses!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake, Shake, Shake!!

 Come over here and stand next to me!

 Got Ya!!!  BOL!! 

Aren't I cute?!?!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Helping Furiends

Our furiends Sammy, Andy and Shelly had some scary stuff happen this month and were in danger of having to move from their home.  Thankfully that danger has passed, but those of us who have been "HATTED" by SAS wanted to do something special for them and for their mom, Miss Judi, because they have been so generous and kind to many, many bloggers.

On August 24th, Wednesday, each of us who has been "Hatted" is holding a comment-a-thon and will contribute to SAS's 'donate' button on their blog.  
From Wednesday at 12:01 AM until Friday at 12:01 AM we will contribute .25 for each comment left on our blog.  Hope you come back and visit during that time!!

If you have been "hatted" by SAS or if they have done any artwork for your blog, please consider joining us in supporting them during this difficult time.

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paradise Lost

Hi everybody.  It's me, Gizmo! Sorry we haven't posted much lately.  Our publicist is a slacker.  We've given her a stern talking to and she helped us come up with this:

When it gets really hot we like to go to our ponds to go swimming and wading and just generally hang out in the beauty of this little oasis which is about 10 minutes from our home. 

These are pictures our publicist took in 2008.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's a wildlife sanctuary and all kinds of birds stop here on their way to wherever birds go...


Well, this is a photo of our pond this year:

Yep!  Some bright bulb apparently dumped their aquarium into the pond and this stuff has taken over!

Thankfully, our little swimmin' hole is still clean and clear.  Here's my dufus brother, the most boring dog in the world: sheesh!  you can almost see it growing!!

Butt, we all had super fun times anyway!  Here are some shots of us just chillin'...

The dufus looks pretty blissed-out, doesn't he?

Here's sweet Ruby doin' a few laps.  She just loves to swim.  Me and the dufus are pretty lazy and prefer to sniff stuff or just wade...

 She's a regular Esther Williams...check out those little front paws just cruising!

Despite the aquarium lettuce, we had a totally wonderful and refreshing time.

What are you guys doing with your weekend??


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sammy, Andy and Shelly's family is going through a bit of a crisis. Please send them strength and wisdom during this difficult time.  
Our paws are crossed for a speedy resolution.

-Rottie Kisses

Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hi Everybody!!  Gizmo here.  It's hot and humid here in L.A. today, so we're hangin' out staying cool in the A/C.

First off, we'd like to introduce you to a new Rottie in the 'hood.  Her name is Orah and she's spending the summer with Eva the Sheltie and her family.  She has her very own website, called Rottie Tales.  Orah is beautiful, smart and SHE HAS A TAIL!!  In her country people are smart and don't doc rottie tales.  Please go visit her.  She is a doll!  

Secondly, we received our painting from Elizabeth Rank of Art by Elizabeth.  Mom had a painting of our Angel Sister Allie done.  We love it.  As you can see, Bart thinks it's very realistic!!  He walked right over to the painting and sniffed Allie's butt!! BOL!!!

Here's the photo that Elizabeth worked from:

Thank you, Elizabeth.


Lastly, Benny and Lily conferred upon us the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award!

We're supposed to tell you 7 things about our peeps.  Here goes:
  • We are Mom's therapists.  Yes.  It takes 3 of us.
  • A long, long time ago Mom used to want to be a photographer.  She sort of realized pretty quickly that it was a tough profession and she went another direction, but WE have helped her remember how much she enjoys photography.  
  • Our dad has really severe arthritis in his ankle from a motorcycle accident when he was a teenager (not his fault),  so he doesn't go on our walks with us but he teaches us stuff like sitting up, and also getting OFF of the couch!
  • Mom is in love with Orah and keeps chanting "i don't want a puppy, i don't want a puppy, i don't want a puppy" over and over again.  
  • She keeps thinking she sees you guys in our neighborhood.  There is a Jack dog who ended up being a Jackie, there is a Frankie dog; yesterday she saw a Max (da'odder weenie) and one day she saw a brindel Mastiff walking with a black labradog.  She almost crashed her car!
  • Mom never, ever thought she would have a blog.
  • Once we knocked Mom down by accident and she broke her arm. And she still loves us!!

Who could resist??

OK.  So we're passing this on to 5 blog friends:
Mabel Lou
Amber and Max (da o'dder weenie)

Shawnee, George, Bert and Mabel Lou all go on wonderful hikes, swims, walks and adventures.  Amber and Max (da'odder weenie) are part of a big, loving pack which could really use some support from all of us. So if you haven't met these furiends, please go pay them a visit!!

Stay cool!