Monday, May 26, 2014

Check Me Out!

by Otto

So It's been pretty hot here in SoCal.  Last week it was TOO HOT TO WALK!!

After 3 days of no walks, mom got a brilliant idea:

It was the best!!  I never swam in a concrete pond before and I got to swim WITH MY MOM!!

We went back and forth in the water, and when I decided to try to save her from drowning, her friend gave me a tennis ball to put in my mouth so I'd quit trying to save mom with my teeth ;-)

At the end, I was bushed!

And you know what they say about a tired dog...


I can't wait to go again.  Next time Bart and Ruby are going to get to go also.  Mom thinks it would be good for their Arthur-itis.  I think it's good for everything!!

Hope you had a fun weekend!


Friday, May 9, 2014

See Beautiful - May 2014

This is the same yucca about 2 days apart.  I shot these with my iPhone and did nothing to enhance them.  

Spring is beautiful here, even in a drought.  

Oh, and Otto showed this to me :-)