Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jerkey Doody

Hey Bart!  How come Mom's so crabby lately?  She never lets us read blogs or comment, she's always mad, she's been getting up really, really early... What's up?

Oh Ruby, it's bad.  She has this thing called Jerky Doody.  She has to drive downtown in TRAFFIC to sit in a room and watch people file through papers and ask the same questions over and over and she said it goes on and on and she totally had to stop her life to do her DOODY!

We just do ours on the trail...
(hahaha!  a little rottweiler humor!)

So we're sorry that we haven't been around to visit much or comment.  We miss you guys!  We haven't even read all the MM 2011 entries.  We would find that fun and relaxing; but NOOOOOOOOO!!!
It's supposed to take 5 days, but today a juror asked if he'd be OK keeping his February 7th travel plans!!!  It's slow and tedious!!!

Abby, HELP our mom cope!!

In other news, Miss Honeybuzz awardified us!!  She thinks we're stylish!  We think she's adorable and will tell you more about ourselves soon when Mom doesn't have a headache.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Conflict of Interest

As some of you may know, we are sponsoring the winner of Mango Minster's 2011 "Good Ol' Boy/Gal" competition.  Yesterday I took the dogs out in hopes of getting some more pictures of Miss Ruby and to just generally enjoy a beautiful 85 degree January afternoon.  When I downloaded the pictures, there was this:

Now, we're not going to enter, but doesn't that face just scream "BUBBA"!!!  

That's Gizmo.

He Truly is a Good Ol' Boy!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Power of the Paw Needed

This is Quigley

Quigley's dad is my niece's husband.  They have been married just over a year.  They are a wonderful family, beginning their lives together.  Quigley's dad was diagnosed with lymphoma recently.  He's going to start chemo tomorrow.  The cancer was discovered when a cancerous lymph node cracked some vertebras in his lower back.

We have all lost both K-9 and human friends and family to this disease.   But there are huge advances in cancer treatment in recent years.  We probly all know some survivors as well.      

Please send the Power of the Paw to Quigley's dad.


Quigley's Great Auntie

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Got Awardified!

We are so thrilled and surprised that Phantom, TD and Ciara recognized us with the Stylish Blogger Award!  OMD! Was it our bandannas?  Our collars? Our Lazer Eyes which Miss Honeybuzz tells us, "can spot squirrels high in trees and beam them into outer space!!"  Who Knew? Thank you, Woos.  We like to be stylish and we really don't like squirrels, especially when they play tag in our trees.  

We did really like this stylish fellow we met last summer walking in our canyon.  We liked how he recognized the artful placement of the stones by an anonymous walker, and then accessorized it with himself.  

It really is all about the accessories.

Part of this Awardification process is that we're supposed to tell you some things about ourselves.  Well, let's see...

Ruby weighs about 30 pounds less than the boys, so Mom calls her our "Teacup Rottweiler."  Also, Ruby sort of obsessively gives kisses, so we say that "she can't hold her licker."

Bart and Gizmo are litter mates. As puppies they were extraordinarily destructive.  Juno ain't got nothin' on these boys.  Danskos, schmanscos...eye glasses, pillows, Danskos, furniture,  their dad's Harley seat, pretty much you name it, the list goes on and on. But then they turned 2 and, again, MAGIC!!  Good dogs!  

Most importantly, above everything else, we want you to know that we are sweet, affectionate, loving, sensitive, funny, cuddly and very friendly dogs.  And Mom always feels very safe walking with us :-)

We also want to share this award with other bloggers.  First, Miss Creekhiker who got mom looking at all your bloggies in the first place.  She is a wonderful writer, bead maker and mom to our fureind Miss Mabel Lou.  

Second, Da Weenies of Florida who are new to Blogville like us.  We think Amber da'weenie is pretty funny and a very stylish girl.  She has a very handsome brother named Max.

Another Pack new to Blogville are the Black Dogs. The black dogs are jumping in with all 12 paws and have already declared themselves pawticipants in Mango Minster 2011!!   

And finally, Huffel Mawson, a kitteh from OZ whose mom used to have a rottie dog whom she loved very much. That special rottie went to the bridge very young and Huffel's mom still misses her.  Also, Huffel's mom's birthday is the same day as the boys'!!  How cool is that??  We think Huffel is a very stylish kitteh!!

Thank you again, Woos!

P.S.  While we did not know The Luke well, he clearly was loved by many in Blogville.  We know The Mom's heart is aching with his loss, but he was so lucky to have his time with her.  I'm sure Princess Allie greeted him warmly.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're Overwhelmed!

Thank you all so much for giving us such a warm welcome in Blogville. What fun to hear from dogs we know well as well as some new friends. So fun!!

We thought it would be good to continue letting you know a little more about us to give you some context. Our human parents are sort of rottweiler nuts!! Ruby is like the 6th rottie they've had. So, yeah, they like big, smart, pushy, bossy doggies who are also loving and loyal and very sweet. (and sneaky and too smart for anyone's own good.)

So we think you should meet Princess Allie. She's an angel doggie like Miss Dakota and  Mr.  Max and we still feel her presence every day because she helped Mom raise Gizmo and Bart because they were a handful until they turned 2 and magically became good (a relative term) dogs.  The "C" monster took beautiful Princess Allie very quickly in October, 2009.

this is beautiful princess allie

this is gizmo and bart being depressed after allie crossed the bridge

this is gizmo and bart a few months later in our creek feeling happier

this is the 'looking for a forever home' poster mom saw in a pet store in mid-march

And that beautiful face won her heart.  She called the rescue lady and Ruby came to live with our family on Allie's Birthday, March 29!!  It was a wonderful and unintentional circle.

here we all are scoring the jerky from dad.  YUMMERS!!

We think Mom needs to fix our eyes before she posts pictures of us in the future...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holy Cat Crap!!

Hello!  As some of you know, we love reading dog blogs.  Mom has recently admitted to a small addiction in that area.  We, however, didn't know that in the process of reading and commenting we have actually found some followers, and even 1 friend :-) 

Mom decided it was only fair to make honest dogs out of us, and make us our own bloggie.  We'd just like to introduce ourselves to you today.  Please be patient with our mom while she figures all of this out.  

  Oh, and Happy New Year from all of us!!

I'm Ruby, the rescued rottie.  I'm 4.  My gotcha day is March 29, 2010

I'm Bart.  I'm Gizmo's brother.  We're 6.  Our birthday is December 4, 2004.

I'm Gizmo.  What he said...

We love to hike, swim and most of all cuddle.  We also really, really like beef jerky.
  Thanks for visiting us.