Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabulous Franken-Friday

Look at this!!  And right before our Christmas photo-shoot!!

I had to have 3 lumpies removed.

Yay!  One of the best words in any language!!! 

I've been resting...and I can't go swimming till I get these franken-staples out of me.  URGH!!  It's been raining though and I HATE to get my furs wet in the rain.  I think we get to take a shorty before mom has to work tomorrow...I hope so.  You can only snooze so much.


In other news...

Last Friday we got to go to the beach with our friend Wizard!  It was warm and sunny and gorgeous at home.  

This is what the beach looked like:

It was SO foggy we couldn't even see any little dogs
who might try to sneak up on us...

My silly sister went IN THE OCEAN!!

She chased Wizard when his mom threw his toy.  Not me. No way.  
Too NUTTY as Benny and Lily would say!!


We were glad to get home.  Butt then on Sunday we had to get BATHS!!
Something about a photo shoot, but now I look like Franken-Weiler.


At least I'm still interesting!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012