Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At Last....

Otto here.  

My bandanna was made by Millie and Walter's mom.  You can find her on ETSY at Cindy's Thread Craft...

I finally gotted to go to the beach last Sunday.  The truth is that we go about once a month.  We go with Wizard and his mom...

And with Macy Blue and her mom....

Sheesh, mom, you coulda adjusted the contrast a little bit.  Anyhoo, we ran, and fetched and went in the water and chased each other and ran some more.  It was waaaay fun.  Check this out:

I've totally got AIR!!  When me and Macy play she is afraid I'll hurt her, but she likes to play, too, so she SCREAMS at me!!  I wanted her to chase me.  That's my favorite.  


Despite my sad postie last time, I really do get to go for a lot of walks.  Just not on Wednesdays.  Or Thursdays.  SHE says she has to pay for my food whatever that means.  Here's me closer to home:

This is me enjoying our El Nino-fed stream on Monday.  Life is good for the Otto.  Still no sibling.  That's OK.  You should SEE the treats I get.  Can you say LUNCH MEAT???  OMD!

Thanks for checking in on me.  I'm doing good.