Sunday, May 1, 2016

sunday selfie

by Otto

Yes, I do cross on da bridge!

Have a good week...



Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At Last....

Otto here.  

My bandanna was made by Millie and Walter's mom.  You can find her on ETSY at Cindy's Thread Craft...

I finally gotted to go to the beach last Sunday.  The truth is that we go about once a month.  We go with Wizard and his mom...

And with Macy Blue and her mom....

Sheesh, mom, you coulda adjusted the contrast a little bit.  Anyhoo, we ran, and fetched and went in the water and chased each other and ran some more.  It was waaaay fun.  Check this out:

I've totally got AIR!!  When me and Macy play she is afraid I'll hurt her, but she likes to play, too, so she SCREAMS at me!!  I wanted her to chase me.  That's my favorite.  


Despite my sad postie last time, I really do get to go for a lot of walks.  Just not on Wednesdays.  Or Thursdays.  SHE says she has to pay for my food whatever that means.  Here's me closer to home:

This is me enjoying our El Nino-fed stream on Monday.  Life is good for the Otto.  Still no sibling.  That's OK.  You should SEE the treats I get.  Can you say LUNCH MEAT???  OMD!

Thanks for checking in on me.  I'm doing good.