Wednesday, October 1, 2014

He's Home and Snoozin'

Hey dogs and cats and assistants!
Otto here ~

Bart wanted me to let you all know that he is HOME and sleeping off his sleeping stuffs.  Mom wanted to post a picture of Bart, but Ruby and I had to step in. 

You all know Bart's a very handsome guy.  He really didn't want his droopy, bloodshot, lookin' like a junkie eyes posted all over the interwebs...

So, the vet stole his pointer-toe all the way up to the top joint, and ALL the nasty sickies got stolen and thrown away for good!  

Bart and Ruby and I (and also the humans) want to thank you all for sending your good vibes, POTP and aireZen Bart's way.  We know it helped guide the surgeon's paw!

We will keep you posted on Bart's progress!

Sending rottie kisses to you!!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

POTP for Bart, Please...

Hello Friends of Blogville.  I have malignant melanoma -  in my TOE of all places.  Tomorrow I'm going to have an operation where the vet is going to steal my toe and hopefully all the bad sickies with it.    

 My humans are kinda freaking out because I'm almost 10 and I have some other issues like my spinal issues and I take lots of pain meds already.  

Also, my Angel Sister Allie had to have a TOE removed, and it took her several weeks to recover.  

She ended up with the evil "C" monster about a year later anyway and she went to the Bridge.  

I hate to worry my humans.  They are so sensitive.  Butt my attitude is, "let's just go for it!!"
Carpe Diem and all that!! If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting!  I had a bath yesterday and I'm still The Most Interesting Dog in the World!!

photo by CreekHiker
Dr. Sarah said they can give me different pain meds. She's not going to do the surgery cuz she loves me too much because she wants it done at the main hospital and it's going to be done by the fancy schmancy orthopedic surgeon.  Butt we already have plans to meet up on Friday.  

So anyway, wish me luck and please, please, send me some extra-strength POTP.  

See you all soon!