Monday, November 28, 2016

Allow me to introduce myself....

By Osa

photo by Miss CreekHiker

Hi Everybody!  I'm Osa.  My new brother Otto talked a bunch of smack about me, so I thought I should do my own post.  First of all, it's nice to meet you!  And thank you all for being so welcoming.  

My coming here was a complete surprise to me.  I am a year and a half old and my previous owner had to move away to someplace called Wyoming.  I couldn't go, butt no one told me.  Last week a lady came to my house and dognapped me like that Cruella de Ville lady.  She brought me to a strange house with a strange man who was very nice to me, and a big brother.  

I didn't like the lady very much cuz she stole me from my real family, but since I got here, Otto has said that they wanted me here very much and that it was not possible for me to go back to my other family.  I was sad and angry.  It's a big adjustment for a little girl.  They seem pretty nice, though, and the food is really good! 

Otto has been nice about sharing his toys with me, and I've gotten to go on something called "hikes" with other dog friends called an "extended pack."  

this is me getting my paws wet for the first time....
Otto can be a little touchy about new little doggies trying to take a cookie out of his mouth or scoop up crumbs he's dropped.  I mean SHEESH!  

I have already had a litter of puppies, so soon I'm going to be getting my big girl surgicals.  I also have something on my eye that needs to be fixed.  

After one week, I think this might just be a pretty good place for me.  Butt they don't like it when I put my paws on the kitchen counter.  C'mon.  Really?

Nice meeting all of you.  I hope to get to know everyone better. 

~ Osa

Friday, November 25, 2016

O. M. D. I got a new sister...

First of all, HI!!  I'm not going to make excuses.  BUTT, I HAVE to share this news with you all.  There is a long tedious back story to all of this, but suffice to say (did I just say that??) The most important thing is I HAVE A NEW SISTER!!!

So, last Sunday I went to the beach with my pals Macy and Wizard.  Big event.  Nice day.  

On the way home, we stopped at some house.  There was this tiny female rottweiler on a pink leash.  I didn't growl at her.  She didn't growl at me.  She was nice to a dog on the walk we took.  OK.  

All of a sudden, she's loaded into MY OttoMobile and taken to MY house!!  O. M. D. !!!  

She thinks she OWNS my male human, she growls at my mom, and she's TEENSY!!

Her name is Osa which means BEAR.  She is bossy and possessive.  She's hyper and tries to mount me. ME!!!  I weigh 115 pounds.  She weighs 58 pounds.  Please.  She paces.  She's hyper.  BUTT, she is learning to sit, go outside and walk on the leash.  

Wanna come play with me and Mr. Squirrel?  I'm not sure I'm up for this hyper little thing, Blogville...
Jus Sayin'...

Yeah. She's cute.  I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.  

Why am I thankful for Blogville?  Who else would understand my dilemma.  Thanks for listening.

Rottie Kisses, 
Otto and Osa (sigh...)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

sunday selfie

This would be my selfie.  

And these are three of my hiking buddies.  Roxy, who's 10 is closest to the camera, Riley, who is part dingo (and blonde) next, then me and then Aria.  My nemesis.  All she wants to do is play, play, play...  I've matured.  I enjoy walking, sniffing, being by the humans.  Not HER!!  

I hide from her, walk by my mom, socialize with the other, more mature girls, and then, eventually I just have to TAKE HER DOWN!!  Sorry, no photos.  

The afternoon was beautiful, 70F with a light breeze.  Life is good for the Otto!

Rottie Kisses!