Friday, July 11, 2014

See Beautiful - July

When it starts to get hot here, the hot air from the desert sucks the cool air from the ocean inland in the mornings just after the sun comes up.  We used to call it fog, but now it's called the "marine layer."  I love how from above it looks like waves breaking on shore.  

Below is what was going on to my left as I was taking the pictures above with my iPhone.  Another kind of beauty - happy dogs!

It looks like Riley is sticking her tongue out at Otto.  She's got him wrapped around her paw!

This is a blog hop.  Show us the beauty!  Thanks, Sugar!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

wordless wednesday 6.18.2014

Me and Macy

Check it out!  She's got air!!

My new furiend Macy Blue is
one fun gal!  We have SO much
fun together!

Love, Otto

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Black and Tan Ladies Who Lunch

Ruby and Macy, the newest
addition to 
Creekhiker, lunching with
their moms

Ruby - L and Macy - R

"Just look adorable and they'll give us food - watch!"

"Macy, I just love that collar!  Where did you get it?"

"Oh, HI Auntie!  What'cha got for us??"


All three of us have had a chance to meet Miss Macy Blue.  She is just the sweetest girl!  She acted like she had known both Bart and me for ages and ages and well, she's sort of in LOVE with Otto.  She bites his tail, and licks the water off of his back when he swims in her pool!! 

We are SO happy that Macy has joined our extended pack.  Oh, and mom kinda has a crush on her.  Just sayin'...

Happy Black and Tan Sunday, Everybloggy!